Our key strengths are a deep knowledge of the market, very strong networks within the profession and our consultative approach.


Actuaries evaluate risk and opportunity – applying mathematical, statistical, economic and financial analyses to a wide range of business problems.

Today’s Actuary

Building on, and retaining a strong foothold in, pricing and regulatory environments, an actuary has the ability to combine deep mathematical and technical knowledge with problem solving, commerciality and a keen business focus.

Today’s Actuary brings power and insight to a wide range of data and other numerical business challenges.

Equipped for results

With their flexibility and intellectual capacity, broad-based multiple perspectives, expert judgement, materiality and equity wrapped up in a strong ethical and pragmatic Profession, actuaries are well equipped to help drive effective business solutions in a wide range of environments.

The future of Actuary

The role of the Actuary is changing rapidly, no longer seen as only the custodian of the annual APRA report and pricing framework, Actuaries are now working in broader and more diverse industries than ever before.


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