What is contingent recruitment?

We recognise that definition of ‘contingent recruitment’ can differ depending on the organisation and the nature of your workforce. In our terms we refer to contingent recruitment as a success only fee model; a client will only pay a recruitment fee if we provide a successful candidate for the role. This is for both permanent and contract hires. In this model, we assume most of the risk in the recruitment process and work with multiple companies simultaneously.

There are situations when a contingent recruitment model is the most effective and efficient recruitment strategy. We have listed some of those situations below. 

However, if the role is more complex, requires finesse and is in a section of the market which is very talent short and competitive, it may be more efficient to use a retained recruitment model.

Talent Insights work on both a contingent and retained basis depending on the most appropriate strategy for your recruitment pain points. Contact us for more details.


There are situations where a contingent recruitment strategy is the most appropriate. For example;

  • Hiring needs are temporary or project-based
  • The skill set being hired is easier to define and more straightforward to find
  • The budget for recruitment is limited
  • The hiring process needs to be fast and efficient
  • The is less competition for talent