The solution for critical, senior and strategic hires

In many cases, contingent or ‘no win, no fee’ recruitment works just fine.

However, in the case of a more challenging position, whether it's time sensitive, it's a difficult location, it's a niche skill set, it's a very senior important hire, or there's multiple positions to hire, it’s necessary to apply a more rigorous methodology.

In a retained search model, Talent Insights is paid to a portion of the recruitment fee in advance. This financial commitment allows a us to run a dedicated and robust process gives you as close to a guaranteed fill as possible.


Our timeline and process

Depending on the urgency of the requirement, we can flex timelines to suit the project. However, a typical Search project takes around 4-6 weeks to shortlist.


The Benefits of using Talent Insights Retained Search

  • An exclusive contract means a guaranteed focus on your search requirements. We don’t recycle candidates – we carry out a thorough, exhaustive search for every project.
  • A single point of contact versus juggling the multiple recruiters of contingency recruitment.
  • A closer partnership results in more suitable candidates who are fully vetted and have had a rigorous interview screening. The search is carried out by experienced consultants, not researchers.
  • Retained search feels more exclusive. It shows candidates that the company is serious about the hire and the importance that the business is putting on it. In a tight candidate market then all these factors do come into play.
  • Assurance of confidentiality and non-disclosure.
  • Assurance your brand is represented with consistency and integrity to potential candidates, unlike contingency recruiting which may have many different individuals or organisations representing your brand to candidates.
  • Retained search will ensure access to a broader talent pool. It gives confidence that the talent pool has been fully explored and the client will be choosing the best available candidates at that time.
  • Our consultants have cultivated extensive targeted networks from many years’ dedicated experience in our chosen markets.
  • Our time to shortlist is 4-6 weeks, and we can even include a fast track option, allowing the client to interview candidates as and when they are QIA (Qualified, Interested and Assessed).
  • Our whole process is transparent, all progress is shared with the client on a weekly basis. Not only will they see the shortlist build but we will work together to re-steer the search if necessary.
  • Our staged payments are competitively priced and are billed on satisfactory completion of milestones.
  • We don’t fail – Our commitment is to work with you until we reach a result.

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