Helping companies make better recruitment decisions

Talent Insights is a specialist recruitment company focusing on all roles within the data lifecycle. We have an in depth understanding of the skills and experience required to implement and optimise organisational data strategies, from top down.

We believe in a partnership-based approach to recruitment and work with organisations across all industries and at different stages of their data maturity journey.

We are based in Australia with offices in Sydney and Melbourne servicing clients across Australia. We’ve built strong relationships endorsed by our clients and connect people across all industries in their chosen sector.


Why Talent Insights?

Choose Talent Insights for a specialised pool of data talent, expertise in technical skills assessment, a proven track record of building successful data teams, increased diversity in candidate selection, and efficient time-saving recruitment processes. 

As genuine data specialists with a vast network, we understand the specific skills needed for technical data roles and have experience building teams that drive business success. 

Join the ranks of top companies and innovative startups that trust Talent Insights to help them find the talent they need to succeed in today’s data driven-world


NSW Team

James Lecoutre


Ben Le Gassick


Patrick Choy

Associate Director

Lesley Traverso

Actuarial and Analytics Search

Olivia Ferris

Senior Consultant

Gladis Carvana

Candidate Delivery Manager

Lucy Wells

Finance & Operations Manager

VIC Team

James Eichhorn

Principal Consultant

Francesca Chignell

Recruitment Consultant