How We Work (1)

Connecting data talent with opportunity

Our client base is diverse, ranging from large Australian institutions and consulting practices to boutique start-ups, spanning multiple industries. Clients frequently request our assistance in sourcing high-quality talent with specific skill sets, creating opportunities to connect you with ideal organisations, even in cases where no roles have been advertised. We take pride in facilitating these introductions.

By working with Talent Insights you will have specialist recruiters representing you who have helped thousands of people over the years to satisfy their career goals. We have great networks and domain knowledge that can truly add value to your job search.

Why work with Talent Insights?

Talent Insights focuses purely on roles within the rapidly evolving Data sector. As the edges of roles in this sector become blurred, and hiring companies focus on skillsets not job titles, a specialist recruitment firm is essential to helping you find the right role.

We work very hard to listen and understand our candidates, and to develop a long-term relationship where we become your personal career adviser. We are able to articulate your points of difference from other candidates in the market so that we can represent you to our clients with conviction and credibility. 

It is this understanding that separates us from other recruiters.

Clients enjoy working with us and recognise our ability to understand the skills needed to solve certain business problems and the personalities that thrive in work in different company cultures. This means that they trust us with the realities of working for them and in turn we are better able to guide you to the most appropriate working environment for you.

We are proud of our diverse client base that offer interesting roles and strong career paths for our candidates. Because of this diversity and breadth, we are able to work with you to consider companies and industries which suit your aspirations.