Retaining Top Talent and Building Happy Teams

  • 19 Jan 2023


We have Calvin Ng, Head of Equality and Linking at Equifax and Patrick Choy, Senior Consultant at Talent Insights Group. 

Today we are focusing on teams. Everything from hiring, how to structure them, retention and more useful tips.

We kick off discussing the effect Covid-19 has had on the data science field and how things have changed with the rise of remote working. The type of work done in data allows for flexible work arrangements and productivity seems to have risen thanks to this. Right at the outset of the pandemic, we saw some short term impact but, overall, teams have thrived when switching to remote work. Organization’s desire for hiring people in analytics and data is still strong and growing everyday.

Patrick shared some tips for data scientists who want to differentiate themselves when going through recruitment processes. For him, communication is key and he encourages people to communicate their past successes and show the recruiters how they could use that knowledge and experience to create a positive impact for their business.